About this project – what you can do to help

We need your help.

Please consider recording yourself (and anyone else who happens to be lying around) on your phone reading any of the Psalms listed on this page. When you send them in to me at fr.simonrundell@gmail.com  I will edit them together to make them into a beautiful multimedia Psalter for use in worship.

Please the Instructions Page for how to do it.

I regard this as a Creative Commons project, although I am sure that much of the additional music and images used will prevent it from being properly regarded as such. However, the Performing Rights Society state that :


“We do not make a charge for music used as part of divine worship.  We also make no charge for music used as part of wedding ceremonies, civil wedding and partnership ceremonies, funerals or in funeral homes”

As the sole intention is for these to be used in worship, I think the intent is good.

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