These are some of the completed Psalms. Have a look at these and you might get the idea of what we are creating.

All of them may be downloaded from here. This runs off my own broadband, so might be a little slow, but all resources are freely available, all I ask is your prayers for my ministry here in Plymouth – call it Prayerware if you like!

Psalm 40 |  O My God

Pauline Letters

Admittedly not a Psalm, but a special request from the good people at Exeter Cathedral’s Holy Ground and sourced in the same way.

Psalm 149 | Dance

Psalm 150  |  Praise the Lord

Psalm 73: 3-15  |  Riot

Psalm 98  |  Sing

Psalm 143  |  Answer me quickly

Psalm 42  |  Hope in God

Psalm 34  |  Taste and See

Psalm  46  |  Be Still


Psalm 139  |  Formed (Space)

Psalm 139  |  Formed (Foetus)

Searching for Sunday

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